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AdecoTech Inc. is a Canadian based company laser focused on the merger, acquisition and divesture businesses.  AdecoTech is a leader in the Network Operating System (NOS) Directory, Messaging and Data Enterprise Migration space.  Our solutions and services are based on Enterprise skilled people using a proven methodology to ensure our customer's and partners' success.

More and more organizations in today's businesses are merging their business and operations needs to help increase their long term profitability.  As the market becomes more dynamic, companies are looking for an organization that has the depth of knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently merge or divest a company without disrupting the core business infrastructure.  AdecoTech brings those skills and experiences along with a proven methodology to ensure complete success.

AdecoTech takes the complexity and risk out of your Domain Migrations!

AdecoTech will expertly migrate the "Jigsaw Pieces" into Microsoft's Active Directory, Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint.  We are committed to ensuring that you and your organization achieves success using our services and solutions.

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